About us – mission statement and quality policy

We are a small Swiss enterprise whose core business is the production of quality salt with a primary focus on providing a needs-based supply to the Swiss market.

2020 Stapler Schweizerhalle

Our business activities are based on the following principles:

1. Customer relationships
Our customers appreciate us as a reliable partner who excels at fulfilling their requirements for salt, product and application advice and logistical services. Our business relationships are based on fairness, partnership and durability.

2. Management responsibility
Management is committed to the concept of quality. Our management provides the resources needed to operate the quality management system. All our employees play their part in controlling processes, methods and procedures. Preventing errors takes precedence over rectifying them. Management promotes sustainable development in all areas with regard to ecological, economic and social aspects. The opportunities and risks of business activities are routinely analysed and evaluated.

3. Employees
Controllable processes, an appropriate working environment and fit-for-purpose training enhance our employees’ motivation as well as their readiness to perform and to shoulder responsibilities. Training of personal and professional skills is a key aspect of our employee development programme.

4. Suppliers
Suppliers of products and services, be they external or internal, are included early on in the decision-making process. External suppliers with a high quality standard and outstanding customer service are our preferred partners.

5. Cost-effectiveness
We accord top priority to meeting specific quality requirements. In respect of externally supplied products and services, we collaborate with our partners to consider and define the aspects of urgency, quality requirements and cost-effectiveness, which are then stipulated in contracts.

6. Continuous improvement
We focus on our core business and strive to continually improve our products, procedures, processes and organisational structures as well as incorporate the quality of our partners in due consideration of economic efficiency.
Compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 is the cornerstone of our quality management system.

7. Safety and the environment
Our company and our employees act with environmental concerns in mind. Our products are manufactured in ways which ensure that all resources are conserved. We avoid harmful substances and waste. All our employees meet their responsibilities for occupational and environmental safety.

8. Social responsibility
As a regional employee, our hallmarks are reliability and accountability. Our social benefits are above average. Our compensation system is performance based and transparent.

9. Communication
Communication within our company and with the outside world is characterised by openness, truthfulness, reliability and fairness. Our communication creates the basis for mutual trust.

10. Product safety
As a food producer, we are committed to manufacturing or distributing products that are safe and compliant with the law. To avoid any danger to consumers’ health, table salt is produced according to the “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) rules, and its quality and safety are monitored by a control system based on a hazard analysis (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) concept). Pharmasalz API is produced in accordance with the GMP regulations applicable to pharmaceutical substances.

As well as meeting the legal requirements, Swiss Saltworks complies with all recognised quality standards in the food industry. We have a correspondingly extensive range of certifications.