Confirmation of marketability in Switzerland

for applicants intending to import salt into Switzerland or for drop-ship fulfilment

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We confirm that the referenced product complies with all relevant provisions of food legislation in Switzerland and can therefore be marketed legally.
Quality and food safety are ensured in an adequate manner by the measures we have implemented.

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For food grade salt and food grade salt with special additives, particular attention must be paid to the following ordinances:

  • Ordinance on foodstuffs and consumer products (LGV)
  • Ordinance concerning soups, spices and vinegars
  • Additives ordinance (ZuV)
  • Ordinance on foreign substances and ingredients in food products (FIV)
  • Ordinance on the addition to food of essential or physiologically useful substances
  • Ordinance on food labelling and advertising (LKV)
  • Hygiene ordinance (HyV)

Note: Swiss Saltworks imports salt and salt mixtures on behalf of the applicant.
However, the company does not verify the marketability of the products (composition, additives, declaration), nor does it take responsibility for the correctness of the information and sales arguments provided for these products.