Visit the «Die Salzkammer» Museum

Salt is a vital foodstuff and also one of humankind's oldest cultural goods. At the historic Villa Glenck, you can learn about the role that salt has played in human history.


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In the 15 exhibition rooms of the "Die Salzkammer" Museum, you can see millennia-old "million salt blocks", historic salt vessels and the original and restored borehole no.3. On your travels through time at the Villa Glenck, you will learn lots of interesting and exciting facts about the "white gold". Built in 1860, the neo-baroque building was long the residence of the saltworks' directors. It is situated in the place where salt was first transported in North-West Switzerland – by the Rhine and directly beside the modern-day Schweizerhalle Saltworks.

Included in the tour


  • Geology and salt extraction
  • Chemical composition of salt
  • Symbolism and culture
  • Origins of salt-drilling
  • Technology and trade