Public guided tours of the Riburg Saltworks

The Riburg Saltworks has been active since 1848 and can produce up to 50 tonnes of salt per hour. The supply of road salt for the whole of Switzerland is ensured here.


The Riburg Saltworks is specialised in the production of bulk salt and has one of the largest evaporators in Europe. On this tour you will get an insight into our operation and learn how we mine, store and deliver salt.

The highlight of the tour is the Saldome2, the largest wooden dome in Europe. Up to 100,000 tonnes of deicing salt are stored here. Next to it, in the historic drill houses, you can see how salt used to be extracted with a piston pump and a drill turntable.

Language of the guided tours is German. Guided tours in F/E/I are also possible on request.

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