TrekkMines - Adventurous Mines

Depart on an adventure to explore galleries and stairways, some of them low-roofed and narrow, and off the beaten track. With helmet and headlamp, you step into the shoes of a miner. You will be accompanied by our experienced guides, who know all the secrets of our Mines. Exciting exploration in total safety!


Periodically, we offer TrekkMines open to individual visitors:

We offer two types of TrekkMines open to groups:

Trekkmines le Coulat

This route starts with a short walk in the Forêt du Fondement to the entrance of the Galerie du Coulat. After passing through the galleries where salt was mined in the 18th century, with the De Graffenried and St-Louis halls, and the Chambre de la Roue, you descend the Grand Escalier (a “grand stairway” of 734 steps) to join the traditional tour route.

  •  Length: around 3 km
  •  Altitude difference: 180 m in galleries
  •  Duration: 3 hr 30 min
  •  Difficulty: trekking for everyone, from age 8
  •  Number of participants: for groups and by reservation only, maximum of 25 

 Fixed price per book: CHF 810.00

Mines Adventure

As well as following the Coulat TrekkMines route, this adventure ends convivially with a raclette meal at the Taverne du Dessaloir.

  • Length: around 3 km
  • Altitude difference: 180 m in galleries
  • Duration: 5 hr 45 min (tour 3 hr 30 min, aperitif and meal 2 hr 15 min)
  • Difficulty: trekking for all, age 8 upwards


  • Apéritif du Mineur (wines of AOC Bex, farm apple juice and a platter of local charcuterie)
  • Raclette cheese and potatoes
  • Coupe du Mineur as dessert (grapes with the lees over vanilla ice cream)


  • 6 to 10 people: CHF 159.00
  • 11 to 15 people: CHF 139.00
  • 16 to 25 people: CHF 119.00
  • from 26 people: CHF 99.00

Besondere Bedingungen für TrekkMines

Specific information

These TrekkMines are carried out in groups of up to 25 people aged 8 or over.

Although the TrekkMines do not present any particular risk and are not comparable to speleology, they nevertheless call for some precautions.

  • They are not recommended for people who are subject to claustrophobia, dizziness, heart problems or joint problems.
  • You have to be in good health and have no mobility problems.
  • The safety helmet is supplied and is mandatory.
  • The inside temperature is 18 degrees Celsius all year round.
  • Bring your own: stout, high-sided walking shoes, hiking clothes, a small backpack, not too bulky or “fanny-pack” style, a picnic including a drink, pocket torch and spare batteries or a headlamp with a 6-hour life (naked flames are prohibited).
  • It is essential to follow the guide’s instructions and safety advice during your tour.