Swiss Saltworks as an Employer

Good reasons to work at Swiss Saltworks.


A Product as Part of Our Daily Lives

Our life is inseparable from the resource salt. The effects of salt are as diverse as its many flavors. In all of its many uses, it is the dosage that is decisive. That is why the controlled, careful handling of the natural resource salt is vital for survival.


A Personnel Policy That Focuses on People

Personal interaction is just as important as our good social benefits. We ensure fair wages and, wherever possible, offer flexible working hours as well as the possibility to work part-time, also for specialists and management staff. Whether in terms of gender, age, disability, nationality or religion, we cultivate our diverse team so that equality, inclusion and diversity are not empty words.


An Employer Who Cares About the Environment

The Swiss Saltworks Nature Fund was established on December 5th, 2019.

The “Salzgut” nature fund operates independently of direct compensation measures in the context of salt extraction. It supports biodiversity-promoting projects in the areas of nature and landscape conservation, as well as for forests, water bodies, cultural lands and settlement areas. In addition, support is also offered for projects in environmental education. Dr. Raffael Ayé, Head of Species Promotion at BirdLife Switzerland and member of the participatory working group, emphasizes: “The clear distinction between the compulsory compensatory measures and the voluntary measures within the nature fund is just as exemplary as the broadly supported, participative approach. We are pleased that thanks to the “Salzgut” nature fund, further projects to protect and promote biodiversity can be created.”

The focus is on local projects in the communities in which the Swiss Saltworks extract domestic salt. These are currently the municipalities of Pratteln and Muttenz in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, Rheinfelden and Möhlin in the canton of Aargau and Bex in the canton of Vaud. It is also possible to support projects in the other regions of northwestern Switzerland (Baselbiet, Fricktal, Dorneck-Thierstein) and in the Bex region (districts of Aigle, Monthey and St. Maurice).


An Employer That Offers Job Security

Swiss Saltworks has been commissioned by the 26 cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein to ensure independent and reliable supplies of salt for Switzerland on a basis of solidarity, and to do so from domestic production. In order to sustainably fulfill this obligation, the salt map of Switzerland is continuously being expanded and geological data such as the depth, thickness, location and purity of salt deposits in Switzerland is collected. For this purpose, exploratory boreholes are sunk and surface-level seismic measurements are regularly carried out in suitable regions.