We make sure that the whole of Switzerland is supplied with salt

For over 450 years, Swiss Saltworks has been extracting, storing and distributing the vital commodity salt for the population of Switzerland. Every year, up to 650,000 tonnes of salt are produced at our three saltworks in Schweizerhalle, Riburg and Bex and used for a vast range of different purposes. This achievement not only means that Swiss Saltworks is performing its statutory supply mandate, but also that it is ensuring problem-free mobility for the entire population – especially during harsh winters – and is meeting the exacting quality and performance requirements of all its customers.

Riburg Saldome

Salt production by sectors

Switzerland’s saltworks are currently owned by the cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein exclusively. The Concordat agreement of 1973 governs the sale of salt, and ensures that all regions are supplied with this commodity at favourable uniform prices.
In the international arena, Swiss Saltworks is a committed member of the European Salt Producers’ Association (EuSalt), where it represents pan-Swiss interests in the areas of nutrition and health, quality, norms and standards, and the environment.

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