We make sure that Switzerland is supplied with salt

Swiss Saltworks produces, stores and sells salt for the whole of Switzerland. And it has done so for the last 450 years. The three saltworks in Schweizerhalle, Riburg and Bex produce up to 650,000 tonnes of salt per year.

Riburg Saldome

Salt production by sectors

Swiss Saltworks' work is the embodiment of intercantonal solidarity. The Concordat agreement of 1973 governs the sale of salt, and ensures that all regions are supplied with this commodity at affordable, uniform prices. We supply salts for food, everyday products, agriculture, industry and medicine. In particular, however, we ensure proper mobility in Switzerland in severe winters with home-produced de-icing salt.

Swiss Saltworks is wholly owned by the cantons of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Nevertheless, international networking and a continuous dialogue with other salt producers are essential. For example, we represent the interests of the whole of Switzerland in the European Salt Producers' Association (EuSalt).

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