Clear values

At Swiss Saltworks, we represent clear values. We're agile, respectful and performance-oriented. We're shaping the future of Switzerland's salt supply with pride and a high level of motivation.

2020 Stapler Schweizerhalle

Our business activities are based on the following principles:


Agility is all-pervasive in our everyday working lives and our leadership culture. We combine agility with being actively aware of and shaping our environment, fact-based decision-making and consistent, rapid and sustainable implementation. With this approach, we respond quickly to the changing needs of our internal and external customers and actively shape our future.


Respect is our basis for collaboration and dealing with our environment. We understand "our environment" to mean our colleagues, our business partners, our neighbours and our natural environment. We recognise their needs and concerns, respect different opinions and arrive at sustainable solutions by dialogue.


Enthusiasm motivates us to do our best for our internal and external customers and put our utmost efforts into shaping the future of Switzerland's salt supply. We carry out our mission with pride and ensure the social, ecological and economically sustainable development of Swiss Saltworks.


We are goal-oriented, quality-oriented and customer-oriented, and thereby contribute to our customers' business success. By providing our employees with further development, we enable long-term business success for Swiss Saltworks. We're ready to accept changes openly and to keep on developing.