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Swiss Saltworks has made a short film especially for schools – Gipfelstürmer (“Going for the heights”). An exciting story which explains everything worth knowing about salt. The attractive and informative film is perfect for use in class and is an ideal complement to teaching material.

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Going for the heights ("Gipfelstürmer")

Tina is doing research on site at Swiss Saltworks for a speech about salt. Expert Daniel Hauser enthusiastically initiates her into all the secrets. However, why are Tina's brother Leo and his pal Mark secretly following the two of them? And what is there about the salt mountain?

Going for the Heights embeds everything worth knowing about salt into an exciting story.

The film work was carried out according to the strictest possible safety measures to protect all those concerned. The scenes are not suitable for imitation. All portrayals are fictitious. Any similarity to persons is coincidental and has no basis in reality whatsoever.

Presence on the site or in the buildings of Swiss Saltworks AG without authorisation is prohibited. Access to some of the interesting locations shown in the short film is only available in the company of an expert guide and solely in the context of a tour arranged by Swiss Saltworks.

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