Sel des Alpes, the Swiss Alpine Salt

Our Sel des Alpes is one of the purest and highest quality salts. Trapped deep in the mountains for millions of years, it has been produced for over 80 years using green energy from our own hydroelectric plant.

This is not just about salt


This is not just about salt!

Whether you enjoy cooking, baking or seasoning, our Sel des Alpes is what you are looking for!

Because, yes - salt is an important component of a balanced diet.

Swiss quality since 1554

Legend has it that over 500 years ago, a goatherd and his goats discovered a salt in the Swiss Alps that was unique in its origin, quality and purity. 

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Protected deep within the rock

Deep within the mountain, our "white gold" has been protected from environmental influences for millions of years. This is the only way we can preserve its original purity for you.

Protected by rock

Five centuries of innovation - Green energy since 1943

Over the centuries, production methods have been continuously improved. Environmental sustainability was also taken into account early on. The Bex Salt Works, for example, has been using green energy from hydropower since 1943.

Green energy

A commitment to culinary excellence

Our Sel des Alpes is a daily companion for salt lovers from all over the world. We hope that you will soon join our growing list of loyal customers.

Salt Bex

Discover our two products on the US market

Fine Salt
Fine Salt non iodized
Iodized Fine Salt

Sprinkling our Swiss Alpine Salt to enhance the flavor of all your dishes will give you the assurance of giving them the final touch they deserve. 

This flawless white gold will convince you and your guests of the value you place on the smallest details, for it is well known that this is where the beauty of all things resides.


Centuries of Swiss history

You have to go back to the 15th century to find the discovery of the saline spring of Bex, a small Swiss town at the foot of a majestic alpine circus, a stone's throw from Lake Geneva.

Every day, white gold miners descended into the mine to extract salty rock fragments, creating a vast labyrinth of tunnels over the centuries.


Visit us in Switzerland!

This underground world, with its silence, its darkness and its deep mystery, has always fascinated travelers.

Today, visitors can still discover the most spectacular elements of the various excavation techniques used since the digging of the first gallery in 1684 and have the chance to meet the three last active miners of Switzerland.

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Visiter les Mines de Sel de Bex
Mines de Sel de Bex
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