Sel des Alpes, the Swiss Alpine Salt

Our Sel des Alpes is one of the purest and highest quality salts. It has been locked deep in the mountain rock for millions of years and is produced for over 80 years with green energy from our own hydropower plant. Whether you enjoy cooking, baking, or seasoning, our Sel des Alpes is what you are looking for!

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A high quality swiss product

Yes - salt is an important component of a balanced diet.

Sprinkling our Swiss Alpine Salt to enhance the flavor of all your dishes will give you the certainty of adding the last finishing touch it deserves. This immaculate white gold will convince you and your guests of the value you place on all the smallest details, as it is well known, the place where the beauty of all things resides.

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Own hydroelectric power plant for over 80 years!

Innovation and Sustainability

Over the centuries, the extraction techniques have evolved continuously. Back in the day, the evaporation of the brine was done in simple stoves suspended above fireplaces. Hence, a tremendous quantity of wood needed to be used.

In 1916, Antoine-Paul Piccard, a great-grand uncle of the legendary aeronaut Bertrand Piccard, revolutionized the salt extraction process. He invented, in Bex, a method using thermocompression. This technique, now used worldwide, compresses the steam produced by the boiling brine to increase its temperature before reinjecting it in the process. This invention allowed substantial energy savings.

With the commissioning of our own hydroelectric power plant in 1943, the remaining energy needed has, thus, been fully covered in a sustainable way.

Our philosophy, based on continuous improvement and technological innovation, is the key to our success and to create a positive impact throughout the production chain, from miners to customers.

Saline de Bex

Swiss Made since 1554.

The abundance of salt nowadays has made us forget that, for a long time, salt was rare and worth as much as gold. It took about three centuries of perseverance, sweat and passion of hundreds of miners to reach the heart of the mountain to collect the treasured white alpine gold.


A Swiss story

One must go back to the 15th century to locate the discovery of the salty spring of Bex, a small Swiss town, situated at the foot of a majestic alpine circus a stone throw from Lake Geneva.

A region that seems to have been blessed by God with its colorful vineyards, its exceptionally good water, its favorable climate and, of course, its salt mine.

Every day, the white gold diggers would go down the mine to extract salty stone fragments, creating, over the centuries, a vast labyrinth of tunnels. This underground world, with its silence, its darkness, and its profound mystery, always exercised a fascination for travelers.

Still today, visitors can discover the most spectacular elements of the various excavation techniques used from the digging of the first gallery back in 1684 and meet the three last operative miners of Switzerland.

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