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Gamme profesionnels

As your consumers become increasingly sensitive to the origin and content of the products they buy, with Sel des Alpes they will be assured that you value them by using this essential raw material of superior quality. Thus, by engaging with them, you will demonstrate your commitment to tradition and to preserving the environment and unique skills. 

Unser professionelles Sortiment

Fine salt, iodine/fluorine-free 25 kg bag

SDA_Sel fin_25kg

Nitrite Pickling Salt 0.9% 25kg bag


Fine salt, iodine/fluorine-free in 6.5 kg bucket


Fleur des Alpes in 10 kg bucket


Fleur des Alpes in 1 kg bucket


Fine salt or Fleur des Alpes, traditional salt of a coarser texture and additive-free, our products cover all uses from the early stages of preparation to the final touch.