For professionals

SEL DES ALPES is available in large packages for food service industry professionals: restaurants, bakeries, delicatessens, industrial or small-scale producers will soon find our fine salt and gourmet salt indispensable.

Gamme profesionnels

A genuine product of the region, Sel des Alpes is treasure from the Bex Salt Mines. Preserved in the rock for millions of years and extracted by the water from our mountains, the white gold of the Alps is produced with respect for our heritage and the environment using green energy produced by our own hydroelectric power plant. Our manufacturing process combining traditional and modern methods has enabled us to produce one of the world’s purest salts for over 500 years.


Our professional range

Fine salt or Fleur des Alpes, traditional salt of a coarser texture and additive-free, our products cover all uses from the early stages of preparation to the final touch.

Fine salt, iodine/fluorine-free in 6.5 kg bucket

Sel des Alpes 6.5 kg

Fleur des Alpes in 1 kg bucket

Fleur des Alpes 1 kg

Fleur des Alpes in 10 kg bucket

Fleur des Alpes 10 kg

Fine salt, iodine/fluorine-free 25 kg sack

Sel fin 25 kg
Gamme profesionnels


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Recommended by professionals

Charlet Bakery, Gryon

"Proximity, quality and brand image of the Bex Salt Mines", is what Guillaume Charlet, pastry chef and chocolatier at Charlet Bakery replies when asked why he uses Sel des Alpes.

Customers increasingly prefer this type of regional product with a strong identity. When they hear about the Salt Mines and Sel des Alpes, they soon understand our philosophy of proximity and quality of our raw materials, the little things that make our products stand out from the rest.

Guillaume Charlet, Charlet Bakery
Steiner-Beck Bakery, Wetzikon

As for Steiner-Beck bakery in Wetzikon, it was won over by the unique features of SEL DES ALPES such as the size of its grains and its durability.

SEL DES ALPES has a very fine grain that dissolves easily in water and thus penetrates the dough more quickly. Its purity and durability are exceptional. Why do we use it? Its fine grain, its Swiss origin and its durability.

Befjan Saramati, Steiner-Beck Bakery

The best salt for the best products

As your consumers become increasingly sensitive to the origin and content of the products they buy, with Sel des Alpes they will be assured that you value them by using this essential raw material of superior quality. Thus, by engaging with them, you will demonstrate your commitment to tradition and to preserving the environment and unique skills.